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Damaged items

We do our very best to pick up all obvious belongings that may get in the way of mowers and our technicians. We use extreme caution when working around your property and landscape. Andrew's landscape and Land Maintenance is not responsible for damaged item's and or other hidden protrusions such as: irrigation systems, utility wiring, plumbing, personal belongings, lawn ornamentation, pet accessories, beds of loose rock and or gravel(could be hazardous to residents, home and windows when gone over with any kind of high speed, propelled, maintenance tools; i.e. weed eater, lawn mowers etc. ).

Regularly scheduled maintenance route's

Mowing and bed / shrub service will be placed on either a monthly,bi-weekly or weekly route service. We try to cater to a custom schedule preference for the convenience of our clients. Because of the continual, impending, time variables in day to day operation;Andrews Landscape and Land Maintenance cannot guarantee a specific time of day for service to be completed. Granting various situations (reserved discretion by Andrews Landscape and Land Maintenance) some instances will require service to be reset on a specific day regardless of already set preferred day. The client will be notified within 48 hours of change.

If you're a regularly scheduled service date is missed due to weather or other causes, (weather permitting) we will return the fallowing business day to thoroughly complete the service that has originally agreed upon. Upon missed service day, a conformation email will be sent to confirm that we have not forgot about your property; but that we are running behind for

Portions of property will be left incomplete on scheduled service date(s) due to incapability of entrance of by way of hindrances such as: loose dogs, locked gates, exposed hazardous materials, etc. Depending on distance of travel, if a regularly scheduled property is skipped due to the above terms; clients may be held responsible for charges (and or a portion of the charge) that are agreed upon. If a client hires another lawn service to render work (ie, weekly, bi-weekly maintenance for lawn service, or any other treatment services) without giving at least 48 hr. notification, client(s) may be held responsible for charges (and or a portion of the charge) that are agreed upon. (Delays caused by weather and or other natural hindrances will be rescheduled for the fallowing business day).

For landscaping.

Once work has begun, there may be unseen impediments hindering progression of the agreed task. This may require extra time, labor and compensation for the job to be done correctly. All costs of materials needed for any landscaping projects will need to be paid on full. Cost of labor will be charged after all work is completed. Typically, half of the overall agreed cost estimate of project will be due up front.

Andrews Landscape and Land Maintenance will not be held responsible for. Injury to customer, children and or pets that are in relation to customer caused by negligence on customer’s accord.

Please remove all animal waste from the lawn areas needing servicing. We reserve the right to charge an equipment cleaning fee of 10.00 if animal waste is EXCESSIVE and requires the cleaning of our equipment after service before continuing with our service route.

Use of other lawn care companies & services

Andrew's Landscape and Land Maintenance will not be responsible for: dead plants, grass, flowers, small trees, hedges, and or any other items that suffer from a mixture of products. (when some chemical, treatments and products are mixed, and or used in access, this could potentially be unhealthy for the well being of your landscape)

AndrewsLandscape and Land Maintenance keeps the satisfaction of their customers number one and will exhaust all solutions to remedy any unsatisfaction. All complaints or unsatisfaction of lawn service need to be addressed via email or by phone within 48 hours of service to avoid additional charge.


Andrews Landscape and Land Maintenance uses Sub-contractors for various tasks such as: Fencing, Irrigation, Tree Trimming and removal, Stump removal and various material handling and transportation.In consistency with our solid business ethics and standards, we try to refer our prized clients to companies that have the same values and convictions. Andrews Landscape and Land Maintenance is not responsible for damages to property and or injury to residents that may transpire while business is being conducted. Andrews Landscape and Land Maintenance require that all sub-contracting parties be fully insured before we offer them the privilege of working with our customers properties.

Compensation & Default

If amount charged for services has not been paid prior to completion of service, an invoice with the total amount due will be left on the customers door or agreed area of property at time of service. AndrewsLandscape and Land Maintenance gives 10 days for the balance to be paid from the time of service. For customers whom are billed monthly, 10 days are also given to bring the account current. For any late payments that are not otherwise given notification within the 10 day period; 5.00 per service fee will be charged in addition to original bill. Delinquency will cause interruption of services whether the agreed term/ job contract has been completed. Account will be closed, termination fee will be assessed and will be turned over to a collection agency for further pursuit of payment and the agency will notify all major credit bureaus of the delinquency. A 25.00 (non sufficient funds) fee will be collected along with original balance on all checks written to satisfy payments.

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