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Service areas:

But not restricted to

Mansfield, Kennedale, Arlington, Grand Prairie, N. Fort Worth

Pricing & Services:

Interior Lot

Mowing, Line trimming, Edging, Clean up

Please call (or request an online estimate) if your lot is over

12,000 Sq. Ft.

Corner, Cul-De-Sac

and Over Sized Lawns

Mowing, Line trimming, Edging, Clean Up

Please call (or request an online estimate) if your lot is over

12,000 Sq. Ft.

Lawn Care & Fertilization

Eight-Application Program

(Soil Enrichment Optional)

Our Lawn Care Program Consists of seasonal fertilizers, pre-emergent, selective herbicides, lawn aeration and soil enrichment (optional). We use the highest-quality, professional turf fertilizers.

Complete Landscape Service

Other Services for Your Landscape

We overturn and amend the soil before we install the color. We accompany fresh, premium potting soil with this service. Labor charges may apply on select flat installation.

General Landscape Maintenance Contracted by the Hour:

-Materials plus $55.00 a Man/Hr. with 2 or more technicians

- Materials plus $65.00 a Man/Hr. with single technicians. 

Above maintenance prices are based on regularly-serviced properties. Rates for one-time and/or initial services may vary in rate. Sales tax applies to most services. Please inquire for more information.

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5 Star rating

based on 19 Reviews

from your neigbors 

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